On 2nd floor - Shop floor display - Cabin house floor plans.

On 2nd Floor

on 2nd floor

    2nd floor
  • "2nd Floor" is a pop/R&B song written by Arnie Mendaros, and produced by Neil Gregorio for Nina's debut album, Heaven (2002). It was solicited to radio as a promo single in lieu of the album's release in the Philippines.

  • High-end fashion shops include Aquascutum, Bally, Hugo Boss, I.T., Joyce, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shanghai Tang and Vivienne Tam etc. Other shops include Bang & Olufsen, Chinese Arts & Crafts, Kelly & Walsh Book Store and Montblanc.

on 2nd floor - Poor Richard's

Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotions: How to Promote Yourself, Your Business, Your Ideas Online 2nd Edition

Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotions: How to Promote Yourself, Your Business, Your Ideas Online 2nd Edition

Here is commonsense advice on how to market and promote on the Internet. This book contains methods for getting the word out in cyberspace using electronic press releases, discussion groups, electronic newsletters, product giveaways, opt-in E-mail, and more. It explains sales techniques such as the puppy-dog close, 100 percent guarantees, and selling benefits rather than products. Unlike other books on this topic, this is a down-to-earth explanation of how to market on the Internet from an author with extensive Internet marketing experience.

Operators of small business have always been attracted to the Internet's seemingly bottomless supply of ready customers, but their hopes can quickly be dashed by the competitive realities of business on the Web. Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotions aims to take the entrepreneur by the hand and show him or her how to draw attention to an Internet resource without spending a lot of money.
What the authors present is a sort of guerrilla model for online business in which you use your apparent weaknesses to your advantage. You might, for example, exploit your woefully low traffic level by delivering an extraordinary level of attention to the customers you do have. The idea is that good news spreads, and the publishers of Web resources should provide lots of good things for their visitors to pass along. You can also go outside your customer base to attract visitors without buying banner ads--you can join a professional association or a Web ring, for example.
In addition to their particular brand of marketing advice, authors Peter Kent (who also wrote the excellent Poor Richard's Web Site) and Tara Calishain do a fine job of explaining more pedestrian technical subjects, such as how to prepare your pages for listing on search engines. --David Wall
Topics covered: Audience identification, basic page design and coding, registering with search engines, creating newsletters and other mailing lists, joining affiliate programs, filing press releases, and tracking reactions.

80% (19)

forrest floor

forrest floor

Nikon D200

This is shot at f/2.8, RAW. Adjusted exposure about 20% brighter and gave it a bit more contrast. Cropped and added black frame.

I've been braggin' about the small 24mm and 28mm Sigma lenses with nice close-up ranges for ages. This is the Sigma 24mm f/2.8 mini-wide II MF. It has a macro ratio of 1:4 and a 0.18m close-up limit. In this shot I placed my Nikon D200 on the forrest floor and threw some shots not looking through the viewfinder. Adjusted for range. This is probably one of the best lenses I own. The build quality is exelent. Came with a leather box, caps and a shade. Condition: as new. This extreemly small lens is superb for closeups. I'll try to post a picture of the lens later ...

Price? I payed $45US for this one used here in Norway.

Gymnast on Floor 2

Gymnast on Floor 2

Finally got a change to shoot the gymnasts with some lights. Nice to shoot at 200 ISO instead of 1600. The challenge was the flash sync only was good to about 1/250 sec. The girls were up to the challenge and were very patient with my shooting. After about an hour, we got plenty of nice shots on the floor and beam.

on 2nd floor

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